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SUNDAY, February 11th, 2 PM
Regular Tickets: $35, tax and fees included
Senior Tickets: $32, tax and fees included
Youth Tickets (18 yrs & under): $20, tax and fees included

In Victoria, Dulcinea Langfelder brings to the stage an unforgettable portrayal of Victoria, a woman in her later years who has lost much of her memory but none of her heart and imagination.

This touching and thoroughly entertaining production blends past and present as well as multimedia, theatre and dance to celebrate living and loving right up to the end.

A Note from Victoria’s Creator:

“Imagine accepting that each moment is a chance to start over.  Imagine being unhindered by memory. Imagine not being able to think, but only to imagine. It would be a bit like dreaming.

Our heroine, Victoria, has lost her memory; she’s lost her pussycat, she’s lost control over her life… and her bladder. She has lost almost everything. Victoria is but a shadow of herself; a character who has forgotten her role, a puppet who adapts and adopts comic and dramatic situations as her imagination dictates. Her wheelchair is also her rocking chair, her prison, her tango partner and her flying chariot.

Living isn’t easy and neither is dying, but it is all interlaced with moments of great richness… little victories. Victoria savors every moment.I was glad to find a bit of myself in her. I hope that you will, too.” 

-Dulcinea Langfelder