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About #LightUpLive at Our Theatre
Our Press Release

About #LightUpLive at Harbourfront:

On September 22nd after sundown, Harbourfront Theatre is taking part in #LightUpLive – a nationwide event organized by Live Event Community to bring awareness to a major industry that is still mainly dark due to the pandemic.  (Please Note: Due to Hurricane Teddy, our red lights may move inside the venue to light the theatre building from the inside out. The lights will be visible from our main entrance. We encourage the public to remain safe and avoid being outdoors in bad weather.) 

Our building, along with theatres and venues across the country, is going RED as a visible act of togetherness for all who work in the events industry in Canada. It is an industry that remains largely shut down due to the pandemic, and hundreds of thousands jobs have been affected. Event and arts organizations across the nation continue to struggle to make ends meet in order to stay afloat for the day when regular, full events can happen safely again.

As part of #LightUpLive, we remember that we may be shut down, but with the continued help of our communities and governments, we can weather this storm and get back to work safely providing regular employment for event workers & performing artists while sustainably serving our communities by offering meaningful and entertaining experiences.

Learn more and see the map of participating venues at lightuplive.ca

Looking to help? Consider giving to your local theatre during this difficult time. Most PEI theatres have donation portals set up on their websites for those looking to donate in support of the future of the live performing arts in our various communities.  To donate to Harbourfront, click here or click the donate button on the menu at the top of our website. Thank-you for considering us! 

Press Release – September 21, 2020

Light Up Live at Harbourfront Theatre

Like many theatres since March, Harbourfront Theatre’s stage has been completely dark save for the glow of a lone ghost light, but on September 22nd, the theatre will light up their building with bright red lights as part of a national event called “Light Up Live” bringing awareness to a major industry that is still mainly dark due to the pandemic.

“Light Up Live” is a Canada-wide event organized by Live Event Community, an organization of event technicians and producers formed to advocate for the live event industry in Canada during COVID-19.

According to Live Event Community, “Light Up Live” was created as a visible act of unity across the nation for theatres/event venues and their behind-the-scenes workers. These venues have darkened their stages to prioritize health measures, and the “Light Up Live” event is to recognize that these dark stages, in turn, have meant event workers have been out of regular employment. The evening acknowledges that the event industry was one of the first industries to shut down due to the pandemic and will likely be the last one to fully return.

“It was important to us to take part in the event to remind our own team and our local governments not to forget about us while our stage is still dark,” explains Kieran Keller, Harbourfront’s Executive Director.“Our organization has been greatly impacted by the pandemic, and we soberly recognize that many people are out of work because of our stage being dark. We want people to know we’re striving to get everyone back to work and to get performances back on stage safely and sustainably for all involved.”

On PEI, theatres can hold events with audiences of 50 socially-distanced people and, depending on the size of their venue, can have multiple separate and distanced cohorts attend events.

“We’re still figuring out details for how best to re-open under these new rules,” says Keller. “When re-opening for events, it is important to us as a local, non-profit arts organization to offer safe experiences with fair ticket prices for our audience and fair wages for our crew and fair compensation for artists. That’s the minimum, and so right now, we’re trying to figure out how best to accomplish all that and move forward sustainably in light of the current situation. With ‘Light Up Live,’ we recognize that right now and until we’re fully back to normal, event workers are paying a price, and they are going to need additional help and support to get through this crisis.”

For more information about the “Light Up Live” event being held across the country on September 22nd, visit lightuplive.ca.