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FAQ: Postponed Events

What happens when an event I have tickets to is postponed? 

First, Harbourfront Theatre will contact you by email to let you know that the event has been postponed and what the new date is. 

Your ticket(s) that you purchased for an event before it was postponed will be honoured in every way for the event’s new date:

  • The seats you selected for the original event date will be the seats you’ll have when you attend the event on its new date.
  • The tickets you currently have in your possession will be the tickets you can use to gain admittance to the event on its new date.


Do I need to get re-issued tickets with the new date on them in order to attend the event?

  • Nope, you’re good to go as is! The tickets you have right now are the tickets that you will use to gain admittance to the event on the new date.  You don’t need to contact us for any reason other than to say hi, which feel free to do so because we love to hear from friends like you. Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing you at the event on its new date.


What if I can’t make the new date? What are my options for returning my tickets?

If you are unable to attend the new date, you can contact us anytime before the event’s new date to arrange one of three options to return your ticket(s):

  1. Refund to theatre credit for the value of your ticket(s) that can be used for future Harbourfront events. (This keeps your investment at the theatre, and in doing so greatly HELPS US as a vulnerable, non-profit arts organization. We really appreciate you considering this option.)
  2. Refund to original method of payment. Or you can also choose to donate a portion of the value of your tickets AND receive a refund for the remaining value.
  3. Donate the value of your ticket(s). Charitable tax receipts are available upon request. (For you to consider this option means a lot to us, and your ticket donation will HELP US IMMENSELY as a vulnerable, non-profit arts organization.)

Taking theatre credit or donating any amount of your tickets instead of requesting a full refund is always a big help towards sustaining us and our future ability to operate. For small non-profits like ourselves, every dollar makes a big difference! We can’t keep running without the help of generous individuals like you. Please email us with any questions or requests at boxoffice@harbourfronttheatre.com.

Thank-you for your ongoing support of “Our Theatre, Your Theatre.”

Please note: Our Box Office is currently closed and working remotely, and therefore, is only reachable by email. Due to the high volume of emails we experience when an event is postponed, our Box Office may not be able to get back to you right away when you reach out to us. We want to assure you that your support means a lot to us and that any delays you experience are in no way a reflection of your importance to us. We thank-you for your patience and understanding. You rock! Thanks for being an awesome human!!!