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Your Theatre, Your Story

Harbourfront is here because of you!
Help us tell our story through your story.

The Harbourfront Theatre was born out of the community desire to come together with the performing arts. Now as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we reminisce on just how that community has contributed to our journey. We have had the most amazing guests, volunteers, performers, students and friends come through our doors. We are collecting their stories here as part of our anniversary celebration!

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Your Theatre, Your Story

“I love volunteering at the Harbourfront Theatre and look forward to getting back after this long break (Covid). Whether behind the bar, selling 50/50 tickets, greeting or seating new and old friends, or watching the shows, supporting our lovely, little theatre is always a fun and worthwhile experience. Many thanks and cheers to all the hardworking staff and volunteers. I have missed you all!”
– Holly P.

“I have always enjoyed the Harbourfront Theatre since its inception 25 yrs ago for the many wonderful programs and being close to home. One of my most memorable productions was “Maritime Star.” I also love bringing my grand children to the many great shows for kids. Local programming is also a hit. I also share my spare time as a volunteer with the theatre. I enjoy working with the great staff, meeting other volunteers, and making new friends. Also the opportunity to meet some of the performers. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you all soon!”
– Donna W.

“Oh my goodness, I have so many! From before I was a volunteer, seeing my kids on stage, and Stuart McLean, Liona Boyd, John McDermott, Rita MacNeil and Quartet, to after being a volunteer seeing some of the same artists and many more; Ron Hynes letting me know he was just Ron, not Mr. Hynes; sharing a laugh with James Mullinger; selling merch next to Elvis. But my favorite story from the theatre was when I was
showing a new volunteer the ropes:
A friend of mine came in, and said.
‘Excuse me Miss, I don’t have a ticket, but you’ll let me in.’

Straight faced I replied , ‘You can get a ticket at the desk.’
‘Oh but I don’t have any money, surely you can let me in.’
‘No, but I can get the manager if you’d like.’
The rookie, who was looking a little uncomfortable, smiled and said ‘Oh, you two know each other.’
I thought my friend had decided the game had run its course as she said ‘Here,’ gave me her ticket and went into the show. I should have known better. After the show, she came out and said, loud enough for a few people to hear, ‘Thanks for letting me in without a ticket Mary.’ There are some things not covered in the orientation.
– Mary C.

“The staff are amazing and they really make you feel at home. Made a lot of friends in PEI and the Harbourfront is the reason.” 
– Thane D. 

“Lots of great memories and stories from Harbourfront, both as an audience member and participant. Some of my favourites are: Singing on stage in The Summerside Community choir with Frank Mills (twice), being a member of Fandango in ‘The Christmas Carol’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’
and thoroughly enjoying many performances over the years – Anne and Gilbert many times and so many concerts and plays. Also was in a small group of ladies that did back up singing for a Rolling Stones tribute band. Love our ‘Little’ theatre!”
– Cathy C.

“Such a wonderfully intimate space to watch live shows!”
– EM M.

“It’s comfortable and clean. Staff are very friendly, and they have great entertainment.”
– Lorrean K.

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